Entry: Brief introduction Kerr's Demi Ultra Curing Light Feb 26, 2014

CAO pioneered LED technology for dental curing lights. LEDs are rapidly becoming the light source of choice for dental curing lights. To date, CAO has been granted thirty-one US and international patents relating to LED dental curing lights, and has many pending patents.

This new complaint alleges that Kerr’s Demi Ultra LED dental curing light infringes on eight of the patents in the CAO LED curing light patent portfolio. Combined with a previously filed complaint, CAO has asserted twelve patent infringements against several of Kerr’s LED curing lights.

CAO’s innovative technology developments include LED structures, heat management, and broadband wavelength emissions to cure all types of composites and adhesives. CAO’s patents and technology have gained the respect of the dental industry, and multiple industry-leading dental companies have licensed CAO’s patented curing light technology for use in their own LED curing lights.

In addition to being a pioneer in LED curing technology, CAO has established expertise in the design, development, and manufacture of dental equipment and materials. CAO conducts extensive research to develop new technologies and to enhance its products for the benefit of dentists throughout the world.


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